WordPress Single Sign-On and SameSite=None

I have a main site and some child sites on the WordPress. And I wanted to create Single Sign-On, but I noticed the problem with directive SameSite in the cookies disallow me to make it.

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Use Woocommerce email template header/footer with your code

Sometimes I had a question how to send an email in WordPress (which uses Woocommerce), but to send so that the letters included templates header/footer of Woocommerce email system.

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How to remove all post tags in WordPress

The next few SQL queries remove all tags from posts and from the Tags menu in WordPress.

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WordPress how to work safely on a live site

Sometimes there are situations when you need to work on a live site due to the fact that there is no local version or it is generally impossible to implement because of the large amount…

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WordPress how do add a field on the Users profile?

Need to use the show_user_profile, edit_user_profile, personal_options_update, and edit_user_profile_update hooks

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