Creating Own Ethereum Wallet with Ether.js

The theme Ethereum very much interested me and I wanted to create my own Ethereum Wallet. Basically I was interesting which libraries on the Internet already exist for interaction with Ethereum. I found some, but I…

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How to install and use Truffle

Truffle is a development framework that guides the development and testing of Ethereum Smart Contracts. I’ll show you how to create a simple Smart Contract on Solidity and make a test of this contract (see what happens…

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Ethereum Smart Contracts – Create Crowdsale

Crowdsale is such a kind of Smart Contract that will sell your tokens. On an image bellow you can see how it working.

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Ethereum Smart Contracts – Create own crypto-currency

Now we will start creating own crypto-currency in our Local Blockchain, actually the site Ethereum already describes well how to do it.

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Ethereum Smart Contracts – Local Blockchain

For some time now the topic blockchain and the crypto currency has become very popular. And with blockchains the writing of Smart Contracts. I decided to keep up to date with trying to understand it….

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